Here are some walk-through videos on using J2534 software to complete a flash. Although these videos are no where near the level of the training or in depth level of information that is provided in the actual classes, they will work in a pinch as a quick refresher, or a quick start flashing guide.

These videos are copies from some old Youtube videos, so they have intros and outros that can be ignored.


General Motors SPS Re-Flash of a PCM

Ford FJDS PCM Replacement (Used PCM)

Ford IDS RCM (Restraint Control Module) As-Built Flash (Original Module is Not Communicating)

Chrysler WiTech 2.0 Re-Flash of a PCM (Using Micropod but procedure is the same with WiTech J2534)

Nissan NERS PCM Re-Flash 

Nissan NERS Blank TCM Programming and Configuration

Honda J2534 ReWrite App PGM-FI (PCM) Re-Flash

Toyota J2534 Techstream Calibration Update Wizard PCM Re-Flash

Mazda J2534 MMP Calibration Update PCM Re-Flash


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On the paid training page we have an entire 8 hour class on keys and immobilizer systems. I will be doing some more key programming videos on the YouTube page as well though!

Hi Keith, Question?
Upon purchasing a programming file from Nissan, I notice that when trying to unpack the file, I get a blue screen from Nissan saying that the files have been sent to the appropriate location. do I need to worry about this.

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