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Toyota Techstream Operation and Programming

Nissan Consult Operation and Programming

J2534 Module Programming ADDED MAZDA MDARS

J2534 Module Programming Chrysler Update 2022

wiTECH 2.0 Scan Tool Use and Navigation

J2534 Module Programming (GM SPS2 Update)

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Keith did you do this by chance? Starting up locksmithing for Automotive side along with mobile diag, programming, etc. Some repair if it fits schedule since I have tooling. More electrical, suspension, transfer case removal/install, remote starts (been doing awhile), fuel issues, full scope diagnostics.

Trying to come up with a name for all that. Lol…

@Keith ever thought about integrating forums for website and a forum side for premium members as well?

IF you ever do and Want some suggestions please let me know as I think I could give some ideas from what I’ve seen out there across automotive, RC industry and other things as well as the DIY home side. Yeah a jack of all trades and still working on mastering but that’ll never happen with constant evolving of industry.

Plan on doing a updated video since they’ve changed their page. Seems a little confusing but could probably figure it out. Main thing I am unsure of is if it’s just the sole proprietor is a bond required or just the liability? From what I get the bond applies to family? Wonder if this would be direct family under your household like ex, you and your wife I’ve seen do programming in videos with FCA. Do they require the 2nd or all on the account to be bonded? I see it said added employees, dishonesty for $100k.

Also makes me now wonder if the wife can get the bond being she works for the mentioned bond company. Guess I’ll have her ask her boss since she’s the company owner on paper as well for the locksmithing. 🤔

The bond is only needed for employees, if you want your wife to do VSP transactions you will need to decide if you are going to make her an employee or an owner, if she is an owner, she will need to have her own separate primary VSP account. Programming does not require a VSP, but to complete some programming events and do the theft, it may require it, currently I am the only VSP for my company.

You now have access to over 100 hours of training, check out all the links on the right hand side of the membership portal. It is not optimized for mobile, so I would recommend poking around on a PC.

Can still be watched on a mobile for those interested. I stream it from my laptop to my big screen in the living room. Nothing like a recliner, cold beer and mouse for controlling what videos I want to watch when from Keith!👍💯%

In the J2534 Programming class video it was advised to get the current calibration number from a scan tool using Mode 9, if I understood correctly. I did so for both of my Fords, but the format I get from my Solus Edge, and also from the CarDAQ Plus 2 are completely different from the Latest Calibration on the Motorcraft Service website. For example, 2015 Escape should be FJ5A-PA and that is what I get from FJDS while using the CarDAQ but pulling it from Mode 9 shows Calibration ID: GFBPABA.H32 What am I missing? Is there a cross reference somewhere?

Unfortunately many scan tools and software will not display the software number, they show the calibration file part number as you have stated. My Launch is one of the only tools to display it in the needed format.

Drewtech toolbox will pull Ford Part number as well. You have to select North America/ Ford and then on the left tool bar there will be a option to read PCM part number

Thanks Keith. Looks like FORScan is giving me good information, but of course, that’s pretty much limited to Ford. I’ve heard it works with some Mazdas.

Use Cardaq tool box select North America/ Ford and then on the left tool bar select part number. It will give software number and not the Hex number mode 9 generates

So it gives the current calibration with drew tech toolbox for the CarDaq Plus2?

I see a mention of Forscan. That will pull for Ford? Funny thing I was looking @ Forscan after watching a Cody’s Auto Diagnostics earlier tonight.

For $5 I’ll pull the trigger, try my luck & see if one of my Bluetooth OBDII devices will communicate with Forscan.

Have Bluedriver, Autel TS-608 Bluetooth scan module & Bernie Thompson’s ATS E-Scan Elite.

Being all are Bluetooth I’d think at least one could do it.

Also have a older CrRecorder Mini USB module for recording driving data. Should see if that even works as I noticed it has a watch battery in it.

Greetings Kieth I hope you had a good Christmas! I was just watching your current reflash on the Chrysler PCM where the software is wrong and needs to be updated for different engine types. If I didn’t have the Chrysler scan tool to do the programing but just a J box and my computer can I still do this update or other programming or do I need the Chrysler hardware to go along with it?

Thanks for sharing all of your Knowledge. That being said, You keep telling people that you can’t program any ECUs with the autel. The fact is that you can. Only BMW and Mercedes. I have programmed BMWs personally. You have to have a current subscription, and have a Stage 3 tool (Elite,Ultra,908 or the like). And yes, I know the diference between encoding and programming. Here is a video that will walk you through the entire process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEkAHWCBj6k
again thank you for all you share, this is me giving back.
May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead.

Thanks again Keith! I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing this training. You are doing a fantastic job and I’m learning a ton! Thanks again for all your hard work!

We recently got a 06 dodge magnum thats had a ton of stuff done to it. The last thing that was done to it was the front control module was replaced. Well it was a used module. Now I have vin mismatch codes. I know the toolbox 3 software will only do ecu’s is it possible to write a the vin to it? We do not have the original fcm. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, a quick question about a laptop. I was wondering if you had a windows 7 laptop original version and you upgrade it to a windows 10 would it be a windows 10 laptop or could it cause issues. That being said I have a hp probook that was originally a windows 7 laptop and it had a new ssd installed and windows 10 put on it. I went through and registered it to chrysler and it was declined. And that’s the only thing I could think of for it being declined. I have a drew technologies cardaq plus 3 so that shouldn’t be the issue. Im new to all of this and I’m just trying to learn and get set going in the right direction thanks again!

I don’t know now but awhile back I read about laptops, computers needing to meet certain specs such a i5 or equivalent processor, certain minimum on memory, laptop size, etc.

Is the Windows 10 registered with Microsoft? I think but don’t quote me but I thought I heard Keith mention it has to be the Windows 10 Pro Version OS, not the standard version.

Did you do the other registering stuff for security and all that good stuff. Read and heard about the process many times but haven’t travelled down that road yet.

Did you do a video on bench flashing and building a bench flashing set-up if you did what video was it in, Thanks for you effort in sharing your wealth of information, it’s greatly appreciated

What do you think about the launch x431 v pro? I had a matco maxme for a little while but sold it due to being tired of the monthy subscription for each make. But I figured for the $800 price tag I figured its not a bad deal. But any feedback from you guys on here would be fantastic! Thanks in advance guys!

Hi Keith, thanks for the great training content. Just wanted to let you know when clicking the resources tab from the main training page it takes you to the scan tool training portion. I was able to get to resources by searching it.

Keith need to wipe a TCM after a donor transmission as be installed for a 5 speed automatic 06 Nissan Quest after the transmission swap was completed?

Can it be done as you did it on this video for the 11 Maxima CVT here https://youtu.be/OdZR-m3rffY
if so where can I find the same kind of service info for the 06 Quest as you printed out for the 11 Maxima?

Or can it be done with NERS as in this video https://youtu.be/EXX8A03ZtwM

I emailed you but I didn’t get a reply. I’m hoping the information is still up to date here. In the intro, you were adamant about your quick replies. This combined with no ability to book a remote coding session makes me wonder if perhaps the site is no longer manned? I’d like your reassurance that it is.

I searched the few email addresses I have, didnt see anything from your email or name, so sorry for that, yes everything is up to date except afew small changes to chrysler and honda that will be up in a week or so.

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