We strive to provide the highest level of service possible, to do so we attend over 100 hours of instructor led training in a year on average, as well as hundreds more of online training, and self led research on new and emerging vehicle technologies to stay at the TOP of the curve.

We believe if a technician is to stay a valuable asset in this industry he/she should be attending AT LEAST 8 hours of instructor led training every quarter.


Our Approach to Providing Training


Over the years we saw a opportunity to provide training on the methods and techniques with the tools and equipment to our customers. RISING TIDES RAISE ALL SHIPS!

Counter to the old thought process of training others until you are no longer needed, we see no end to the need of quality technicians in the industry. We lose 10,000 technicians a year to retirement and other careers, but we only replenish 3,000 out of tech schools and transfers into our industry, we see the daily struggle to fill positions with QUALITY TECHNICIANS, all too often a repair shop has to just fill the position with a warm body.

Let us help, we provide training at national training events, to individual shops, or even to groups of shops! Contact us today to talk about the training we have available to make your shop more profitable!

We offer on-site training, as well as offering online training through the training portal in the Membership area of this site. Our training offered is to teach the methods we use to program and diagnose vehicles every day.

Our Owner Keith Perkins teaching module programming at ASA-Pennsylvanians Super Saturday event in 2019 (Picture by Howard Pitcow)

Our Owner Keith Perkins teaching a group at a AMAZING shop in North Carolina (MobileTech) a 2 day hands on module programming class. 

Training: On-Site & Online

Our owner Keith Perkins teaching an online class, this is the format we use the most often, allowing us to teach and interact live with our students.


Our on-site training is available to be “built to suite” we can custom tailor any available training course to fit your needs.

For instance, don’t work on Asian vehicles, but want to take our J2534 class, we can custom tailor the class to be specific to only the domestic market vehicles you work on.

We can be booked for training events anywhere in the world! Book us for your tech-school, individual shop, even get a group of shops together to share the cost!


Available right here on our site you can access our ever growing library of digital training. We do a LIVE training class with NEW material almost every month, so there is always new content.

Just head over to the Membership tab to sign up!