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Classes and Descriptions:


The Diagnostic Process – We have all been told we must have a process; this class outlines a process used to approach all faucets of customer concerns as well as providing resources to aid in creating and sticking to the process. Every level of technician, service advisor and manager will leave with their own “golden nugget” of knowledge out of this class. This class also sets the foundation for all of L1Trainings other classes, as they all follow along this outline.

Advanced Application of Fundamental Electrical Theory – This class is designed for all levels of technicians by providing a quick refresher to bring the new to electrical diagnosis technicians up to speed, as well as solidifying the foundations for all the advanced level technicians. We cover leveraging wiring diagrams for ALL diagnosis. The class then dives into advanced tooling uses, as well as testing methods to increase your efficiency and accuracy as a diagnostician.

J2534 Domestic & Asian Module Programming –This J2534 class is designed to have some advanced and unconventional information to satisfy even the most seasoned of module programming techs! BUT! We will cover all information needed to take a technician that has never flashed a module and prepare them to successfully flash the most common vehicles, as well as arm them with the troubleshooting skills to tackle even the peskiest of module programming scenarios.

Keys & Immobilizer Systems – Vehicle security systems are considered by most technicians to be overly complex and difficult to repair. We will explore some solid foundations of how vehicle security works, how each OE implements the systems and how to effectively approach diagnosis, key production and cutting, copying, and key registering/programming. We will cover PINs, EEPROM, NASTF, and TOOLS! As well as current industry challenges.

Network Failure & Diagnosis – This class will uncover the mystery of communications and communications diagnosis. We will help you understand how the systems are designed, how they operate, and arm you to diagnose the most complicated communication issues. We create a process that brings the diagnosis to an easy and repeatable job that can be applied to more than just networks.

As well as tons of content on, advanced module programming, ADAS and so much more.

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